Yig Anti-Overload

Sometimes we lose Touch

When we are faced with too Much


We want to get Ahead

But feel like we are almost Dead

Yig Anti-Overload


But when pressures get out of Hand

We must become one with the Land


Remember what is Right

And for that we Fight


So much of what we do is really useless Crap

We do not need to fall into Stress’s Trap


Still things should be Done

So we can relax and have at least a little Fun


So Yig Bless

The horrible Mess


I will drive away the Sorrow

And try to have a better day Tomorrow


Jack Primus II

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Yig Nature’s Balance

Terrible plagues drive at the Land

When mankind interferes with his Hand


Nature balances itself and its power is Keen

But when humans interfere the reality for the Animals gets Mean


Servants our here for the Earth

And shall protect the animals in their true place of Birth

Yig nature's balance big

Others we Eradicate

So we can help guide the Earth toward its true Fate


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The Undulating Horde

Undul loomed big enough to be six people, which was fine because he certainly wasn’t human. He belonged to what most Xemmoni, at least in their rare moments of honesty, considered to be the most powerful race amongst their kind, the Caradon. Without a doubt, they remained the most numerous of all the species. They were the undulating horde, the crawling chaos, the unstoppable plague of formless flesh.

Undul himself was nearly as wide as he stood tall. His bloated body looked as if it might burst if his tight disease-blue armor was removed. Everything about him seemed rounded. His shoulders, arms, and his protruding barrel chest all gave one the impression of an overfilled sack of skin being pulled past capacity. His head was no exception to this and lay over his thick shoulders like a bloated tick feeding off a drying corpse.

But only fools let his form lead them to underestimating his physical power. Undul was known to remove heads just by clutching his fist. One minute a being would be talking to the giant, a second later it was a headless fountain of blood.


Rage ruled Undul’s life during the best of times, but his current state remained far from that. One of his primary problems revolved around his species’ greatest strength, their numbers. When one grows too large, the masses become harder to control and more beings of questionable intent enter your ranks.

Undul, like many of the members of the Dark Alliance set to decimate the pathetic planet they hovered over, was not from the glowing green ball of mud below them. The conflict, which shouldn’t have been a conflict in theory, centered around the fact that the Caradon were already the mightiest race of Xemmoni on the planet in question.

These beings were horrific and bizarre to the extreme and made even creatures like Undul seem human in comparison. Yes, the Caradon might be the most monstrous of the Xemmoni races, but at least most of them could converse. This system’s Caradon came in a wide ranges of beasts each more unbelievable and insane than the former. He’d already been forced to deal with evolved Fungi who hinted at other colossal entities who, if their hisses were to be believed, considered themselves nothing less than Gods.


Undul didn’t care for the idea that after all the effort he’d put into this war, he’d be getting talked down to or perhaps killed by some lazy slumbering nasty who should have been taking care of the work of destroying this slime ball of a world so he wouldn’t have been required to come here in the first place.

His dark musings were thankfully interrupted by one of his underlings, an Aliquist named Elos, entering the chamber. The Caradon were not just creatures of chaos and monsters, they were also the master of the cell and experts on manipulating life. Where many were foul, creatures like the Aliquists were fair. Perfection made in a test tube. Undul hated them to a man.

Elos stood for a moment. Light played over him as his armor caught patches of the dim blue hewed illumination and glimmered through his gold mane. “My Lord, Overlord Darken has informed me that our next conquest session will be commencing in a hundred-minute. Is there anything you might require from me?”

“Yes, perhaps you could kill all the other members of this inane counsel of six.”

Eros didn’t dignify Undul response with an answer. “I was told each of you may bring a second. Would you like me to attend or should I summon a scribe?”


“Scribe,” he laughed, which caused enough spittle to fly from his lips to fill one of his mugs. “What sort of intricate plan do you think such beasts can aspire to? At best it will be you smash here, you crush there. Pah!”

“Perhaps in this case it would be best to stay out of their paths.”

“Yes, but words and boasts usually fall short of deeds in my experience.”

“You will get no argument from me on that account… my Lord.” Elos paused, but when no further words came from Undul, he said, “And about the meeting?”

“Yes, yes, you shall be my second. Have a slave fetch me my war mug. I have a feeling I will need something to help me get through this one.”

Elos left without another word and left Undul staring out the ship window at the rotating blue and green ball floating below them.


Say Godbye

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Dan or A Shitload of Trouble

Dan couldn’t say he enjoyed his life much. Living in the middle of Phoenix was the closest thing to a hell on earth he could think of. Already, in just February, the temperature was almost ninety. He groaned while thinking about how the summer was going to be.

Native Warrior of Yig

Add to this the miles and miles it took just to leave the track home suburbia behind him. It required a fifty mile drive just to see a plot of land without a house or business planted on it, not that he had time to head out into nature much. Dan worked full time, pushed himself through a master’s program, while helping care for his aging mother, who always acted like she was doing him the favor. Any little fragments of spare time he ever had were always eaten up by his school work.

After pushing back a long strand of dark hair, he sighed while lighting up a smoke. Even though his long work day was finished, he still had three hours of live classes and a forty minute commute home.

He took a long drag and then almost hit a car that suddenly slowed from sixty to twenty in front of him. He was just able to slam on the breaks in time, but as he watched, the car started to roll into another lane where a passing SUZ hit it full on. Both cars began to spin out of control and it was all Dan could do to remain clear of the explosion of glass and twisted metal.

Not knowing what else to do, he pulled over into the break down lane, but he almost didn’t make it as more cars went out of control and collisions occurred both before and behind him.

“What the hell,” he said aloud as he pulled over as far as the lane would allow. He saw a few other motorists trying to do the same thing, but those proved to be the exceptions. The majority of the vehicles plowed into each other. He had never seen such destruction outside of a disaster movie.

One person died in this three-car crash. (KATU News photo)
He decided that exiting from his pickup might be a safe call and he moved himself to the other side of the waist-high cement wall that lined the freeway.

Looking around he saw other people scrambling out of their cars and looking as confused as he was, but he turned his attention to those still on the road. A woman’s car coasted to a stop not far from him. Despite the risk, he rushed over to her ride.

Upon reaching the passenger window, he saw that she appeared to be unconscious. He banged on the window, but she didn’t move. He was banging again when one of the people on the side of the road yelled out a warning. Dan jumped back just in time to avoid a semi that raced out of control into the stalled car, which held the sleeping woman.

Feeling like his heart had just leapt out of his mouth, he stumbled back to the break down lane. Everywhere broken and burning cars filled the highway. He spotted more vehicles that had avoided the mayhem, but just stayed where they were. From the distance he could see several of them had drivers that appeared to be unconscious or sleeping.

Pile Up

Taking in the drivers there seemed to be no difference between them and the people on the side of the road. Both men and women stood there in fear. Both old and young were affected and yet also immune.

“Must be some poisonous gas or something,” a man in his sixties yelled.

“Then why didn’t it affect us?” A young man in shorts with a sleeve full of tattoos asked.

A woman on the edge of panicking clutched a young boy in her arms. “Whatever it is has affected my son, what should I do?’

Dan joined the other two men, near the mother. The older man looked over the boy and concluded, “He looks like he’s breathing normally. He just seems to be asleep.”

“But he won’t wake up.”

“Neither will anyone else,” Dan said and then joined the others as they ducked down due to another giant explosion.

The older man straightened up. “The only thing we know for sure is that we’re in a shitload of trouble.




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Yig Awakes


Most people were never asked into Fin’s residence. Several reasons for this existed, but the most obvious remained the hundreds of aquariums that lined the walls, that and the lingering odor. Despite the hundreds of snakes he kept within the various glass cages, it was really the mice and rats that he breed, which caused the most offensive smells.

Yig C Chaos

He was just tossing a large mouse into his Southern Arizona Gopher Snake’s cage when the room began to shake. His eyes grew wide with alarm as the aquariums began to rock on the shelves. For the first time in months he wished he didn’t live alone, but rare was a woman, or even a man for that matter, who was willing to live amongst so many serpents.

Setting himself to do his best, Fin flung his body against two of the larger selves. They bounced and rattled, but he refused to let go. He braced his back into the units while white knuckled fingers gripped the shelves on either side of him. So far he’d been able to keep the two selves upright, but all around him others toppled to the floor. Glass shattered and snakes found their freedom. Soon dozens of their sleek forms coiled and slithered around him.

Their movements left him mesmerized. Greens, oranges, greys…all swirling, mixing together until he couldn’t tell where one serpent stopped and the next began.

The quaking started to subside and it he had managed to keep his two biggest selves upright, but it looked like he still had a huge task before him. Shaking his head to clear it, he moved away from the selves, but just as he did a smaller aquarium on the top shelve tumbled over the side and struck him in the temple. The world spun and the still quaking earth didn’t help things.

He fell to his knees and then toppled forwards. The snakes moved everywhere. They swarmed over his body and crawled into his clothes. Arcs of color blurred and fogged soon they covered his face as they buried him under their serpentine masses.


He reached out for his cell phone, but his fingers fell away as a darkness claimed him.

Yig snake

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After pushing his glasses back to the bridge of his nose, Doulas took another bite of his dripping sandwich. He glanced out the window and shook his head when he didn’t see a single cloud. Nothing but baby boy blue out there, he thought to himself .

Shadowed Man

The television screen showed a different story. Rain fell in bucket sized drops. Already flooded roads flowed like rivers. He watched as a car was drawn through the streets by the water. He thought it did pretty well until it crashed into an overturned RV.

He took in what the announcer said, as he loaded a thick pinch of marijuana into a bowl. “Meteorologists are still baffled by the strange weather patterns taking place in Northern Arizona. A storm system has clung to the San Francisco Peaks and has hovered over Flagstaff for more than a day now.


“Shit, I hope Alex is okay,” he said aloud as he took a big hit and then handed the bowl to his girlfriend.

She brushed a thin lock of blonde hair behind her ear and took a hit without saying anything. When she had a cherry of red going, she said. “Wish we could get some rain.” She paused, took a second hit and then handed the empty blow back to hit. “Hey can you help me move some things out of my car, my mom says I can’t keep my futon at her house anymore so I have to go get it.”


He contemplated loading another bowl, but instead rose to his feet and led the way out into the bright desert afternoon. He noticed an odd stillness. Unlike to the north, the air hung heavy. Not so much as a twig moved. No birds song and even the noise of the passing traffic sounded muted.

Blaming his feelings on the weed, he quickly discovered that helping his girlfriend meant doing it all himself and her car was a mess. He grabbed a handful of old paper bags and headed toward the large plastic garbage receptacle.

Halfway there, the ground started to shake. If wasn’t too much as first, but then he found himself preforming an awkward dance just to stay on his feet.

His girlfriend didn’t fare as well and with a cry tumbled to the gravel between the cars.

“Julie,” he yelled and tried to make it to her. It proved a difficult task. The ground buckled under him and he tumbled back hitting his shoulder against the fence. Wincing in pain, he used the fence for support as the world went to hell around him.

He gasped as a telephone pole crashed to the ground sending off sparks. Another one, three houses down, did the same thing, but its sparks hit a pile of leaves and caught them ablaze. Within his own yard, potted plants tumbled to the sidewalk and shattered loudly. His husky began to howl like he was lamenting the end of days.

Fallen telephone Poles

Swearing under his breath, he managed to make it to Julia just as the quaking began to slow.

“What was that?” she asked wile rubbing at her bleeding knee.

“Earthquake I guess, but if you’re okay, I need to make sure that fire is out or this whole neighborhood could go up on flames.”

Again, he found his progress slowed for live power lines crisscrossed the pavement between him and the fire. They moved like the twitchings of a dying squid and he looked on with dismay as the fire grew.

“Hello!” he shouted. “There is a big fire out here.”

Some people were already out of their homes and a few of his neighbors reached the fire and put it out, but he doubted the small fire was the only problem he faced.

Julie appeared at his side. “The power is out and even the cell phones aren’t working.”

“Looks like you won’t be visiting your mother today.”


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Jack in Darkness


The green of the forest calls to me
Invoking the buried memories of my ancestors.
Life is created but only a handful know how or why
Life seeks looking forward, but to find the future one must also know the past.
I am the fish, the insect, the snake
Within all creatures remains the spark of creation.
The source of existence
The dance of the making
Some would seek to know
To find…to follow
Like above…like below
Back into the hollow we go
Water, Air, Fire, Earth
In existence long before our birth
Are we treasured or bringers of mirth
We want to rise above and prove our worth
Today we seek to journey into the knowing
Will little clue as to which way we should be going
Are there paths that you great Yig could be showing?
For we have no intension of slowing
Beyond our world, beyond even space
We know you dwell in that most holy place
Please take pity on this simple race
So that we may one day see your true face


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