The Undulating Horde

Undul loomed big enough to be six people, which was fine because he certainly wasn’t human. He belonged to what most Xemmoni, at least in their rare moments of honesty, considered to be the most powerful race amongst their kind, the Caradon. Without a doubt, they remained the most numerous of all the species. They were the undulating horde, the crawling chaos, the unstoppable plague of formless flesh.

Undul himself was nearly as wide as he stood tall. His bloated body looked as if it might burst if his tight disease-blue armor was removed. Everything about him seemed rounded. His shoulders, arms, and his protruding barrel chest all gave one the impression of an overfilled sack of skin being pulled past capacity. His head was no exception to this and lay over his thick shoulders like a bloated tick feeding off a drying corpse.

But only fools let his form lead them to underestimating his physical power. Undul was known to remove heads just by clutching his fist. One minute a being would be talking to the giant, a second later it was a headless fountain of blood.


Rage ruled Undul’s life during the best of times, but his current state remained far from that. One of his primary problems revolved around his species’ greatest strength, their numbers. When one grows too large, the masses become harder to control and more beings of questionable intent enter your ranks.

Undul, like many of the members of the Dark Alliance set to decimate the pathetic planet they hovered over, was not from the glowing green ball of mud below them. The conflict, which shouldn’t have been a conflict in theory, centered around the fact that the Caradon were already the mightiest race of Xemmoni on the planet in question.

These beings were horrific and bizarre to the extreme and made even creatures like Undul seem human in comparison. Yes, the Caradon might be the most monstrous of the Xemmoni races, but at least most of them could converse. This system’s Caradon came in a wide ranges of beasts each more unbelievable and insane than the former. He’d already been forced to deal with evolved Fungi who hinted at other colossal entities who, if their hisses were to be believed, considered themselves nothing less than Gods.


Undul didn’t care for the idea that after all the effort he’d put into this war, he’d be getting talked down to or perhaps killed by some lazy slumbering nasty who should have been taking care of the work of destroying this slime ball of a world so he wouldn’t have been required to come here in the first place.

His dark musings were thankfully interrupted by one of his underlings, an Aliquist named Elos, entering the chamber. The Caradon were not just creatures of chaos and monsters, they were also the master of the cell and experts on manipulating life. Where many were foul, creatures like the Aliquists were fair. Perfection made in a test tube. Undul hated them to a man.

Elos stood for a moment. Light played over him as his armor caught patches of the dim blue hewed illumination and glimmered through his gold mane. “My Lord, Overlord Darken has informed me that our next conquest session will be commencing in a hundred-minute. Is there anything you might require from me?”

“Yes, perhaps you could kill all the other members of this inane counsel of six.”

Eros didn’t dignify Undul response with an answer. “I was told each of you may bring a second. Would you like me to attend or should I summon a scribe?”


“Scribe,” he laughed, which caused enough spittle to fly from his lips to fill one of his mugs. “What sort of intricate plan do you think such beasts can aspire to? At best it will be you smash here, you crush there. Pah!”

“Perhaps in this case it would be best to stay out of their paths.”

“Yes, but words and boasts usually fall short of deeds in my experience.”

“You will get no argument from me on that account… my Lord.” Elos paused, but when no further words came from Undul, he said, “And about the meeting?”

“Yes, yes, you shall be my second. Have a slave fetch me my war mug. I have a feeling I will need something to help me get through this one.”

Elos left without another word and left Undul staring out the ship window at the rotating blue and green ball floating below them.


Say Godbye

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