The green of the forest calls to me
Invoking the buried memories of my ancestors.
Life is created but only a handful know how or why
Life seeks looking forward, but to find the future one must also know the past.
I am the fish, the insect, the snake
Within all creatures remains the spark of creation.
The source of existence
The dance of the making
Some would seek to know
To find…to follow
Like above…like below
Back into the hollow we go
Water, Air, Fire, Earth
In existence long before our birth
Are we treasured or bringers of mirth
We want to rise above and prove our worth
Today we seek to journey into the knowing
Will little clue as to which way we should be going
Are there paths that you great Yig could be showing?
For we have no intension of slowing
Beyond our world, beyond even space
We know you dwell in that most holy place
Please take pity on this simple race
So that we may one day see your true face


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