Yig The All-Father Snake

Yig is the All Father snake, the Feathered Serpent. Some say he is the father of the universe, the entwined serpents that create the double helix of life. The twin snakes of the caduceus, give his servants the ability to harm or heal. But the followers of Yig are one with the Earth and seek to protect it and its creatures from all that would seek them harm, be they internal or external forces.

Yig represents the Male aspect of the Earth and creation. The Warrior that fights for its own, the struggle of life itself and recognizing that reality is shaped by beauty as well as savagery.

Where does humanity connect with its animal self? How much of that Primal instinct do we feel? How does it shape us? How do we shape it? If we accept it, can we use the strength of this Primal force to aid us?

Instead of seeking angels and higher beings for empowerment, could one instead look back? A strength comes from our past, our origins. There are goals set by life itself and when we enter the world of the living, we sense and feel this. Yet many lose their connection to this sacred path, some are blind to the flow of existence around them.

Yig is the protector of the world and the abundant life that springs from the bosom of Inanna the female creator. He and his followers seek to become one with the nature they defend. However, the Earth is above all, a teacher, a way to discover eternal truths and eternal goals. By becoming one with the Feathered Serpent, the All Father snake, we become warriors for and of the Earth.

Yig Big

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