Yig Right Fight

Every day we need to Fight

For what we feel is Right


So many seek to hurt and Abuse

It is easy for the Earth, Animals, and Humanity to Lose


Step up and move Ahead

Confront the people who wish to make money from the Dead


Many only seek to feed the Greed

When they already have what they Need


We can live life with Less

So, let us put this theory to the Test


Better to Try

Then to just give up and Die

No, we will fight for the Earth

And give it all we are Worth


Yig blesses the Noble Ones

And consider them his daughters and Sons



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Yig Stone

Things can get difficult for as All

That is when people of Yig stand extra Tall

We step up and be a Friend

Even to the very End


We get to Work

Where ever evil Lurks


We push the bullshit Aside

So it had no place to Hide


If we see Trouble

We are there on the Double


There is one thing we always know what to Do

And that is to be a Warrior True

So step aside and let us take Charge

For we of Yig live in the Large


We will always lend a Hand

And Step up to protect the Land



Jack Primus is the warrior of Yig. Explore his world here!


Yig Pyramids   

Hidden and forgotten the heart of Hell lays Broken

Neither he nor the Dragons have Spoken



Stygian and Black He Waits

Knowing he could alter all Fates


A Crypt with no Door

But still danger in Store


The sands hold the Key

Though you should let them Be


Silent and Still

An evil whose hate will never Fill


Even a hero needs to think Twice

Are you ready to pay such a Price


Deeper down the Burning Step

Master of Imhotep



When the last door you Find

Have you Saved or Doomed Mankind



Dak is in charge of ridding the menace of New Cluster’s Clones. His main problem… he’s dating one.


Yig Anchor Man

Time can be wasted, and things can get out of Hand

And this is when you need to be an Anchor Man

Just because we are eighty percent Spent

Does not mean we cannot pay the Rent


Come from Behind

A new path we Find


Our last Chance

To do the accomplishment Dance

Race Ahead

Leave our obstacles Dead


Even with our Fraction

We double our Satisfaction

We focus on the power of Yig

As we move into the Big


And as the day Turns

My energy Burns



Detective Dak is in charge of the anti clone task force, he main problem…he’s dating one, Grab my cyberpunk novel… Right Here!


Yig Scales

Many beings are protected by Scales

They save them when life has them up against the Rails


Yig Scales


A series of interlocking Plates

As they move through the Fates


Humans can head toward Perfection

And develop their own Protection


Like a serpent I surround myself with Chainmail

And on this quest, I will not Fail


Moving with us like a second Skin

A new warrior’s path is about to Begin


Words and arrows cannot pierce Me

From ignoble damage I am Free


So Today I embrace the scales of Yig and move Ahead

For I have more to accomplish before I lay down in my Bed


And as I follow my own Path

Those who attempt to stop me will feel my Wraith


Yig Scales i


Jack Primus is the warrior of Yig. Explore his world here!


Yig Scales ii


Yig Earth’s Warrior

This Earth is all we Possess

But most do not care about their own Mess


Yig Earth’s Warrior ii


The warrior fights back against the Horde

Whether by voice, action, or Sword


When living wrong is a Crime

We have to improve our modality in Time


Make sure the animals do not Disappear

And the Skies stay Clear


The does not just belong to Us

Remove the horror and wrecking Puss


We insure life can continue her Dance

From Chaos and Happenstance


Yig is the patron  of those who never Relent

We preserve and make sure the capital of this planet is never Spent


End day can be a Win

And a chance for a new path to Begin


Yig Earth’s Warrior


Jack Primus is the warrior of Yig. Explore his world here!


Yig Earth’s Warrior i

Yig Fortitude

When we embrace Fortitude

We have a chance to become a cool Dude

Image result for warrior artwork

Sometimes we need to gear Up

And not come off like a wet nosed Pup


Focus on protecting what we Have

So our lives we will not have to Save


Build and Protect

So the horrors in life will not Vex


Move and Secure

So we can feel more Sure


Protect ourselves Too

So we have the power to Do


In the end Yig we feel best in your Coils

And you help us survive the Toils


And as I look back on this Day

I will feel Okay

Image result for warrior artwork


Jack Primus is the warrior of Yig. Explore his world here!


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Yig Stalwart

People of Yig are of the Earth

We are willing to defend it for all we are Worth


Fight back and Score

As we embrace the Warrior


Heroes of Yig are Stalwarts True

Through Yig our path is clear and we know what to Do


For Xemmoni and other evils blanket the Lands

We need to fight back while we Can


We may feel like a Zero

But within us all is a Hero


We seek to bring the Stalwart Forth

Whether we travel, East, South, West or North


We want to be one with Yig

And bring our life into the Big


So Yig we call out to you Now

Lead us and show us How


For a Stalwart I will always Be

Fighting forever keeping the woods Free




Get in on the Adventures of Yig’s most famous Hero, Jack Primus


Some would seek to know

To find…to follow

Like above…like below

Back into the hollow we go

Water, Air, Fire, Earth

In existence long before our birth

Are we treasured or bringers of mirth

We want to rise above and prove our worth


Today we seek to journey into the knowing

Will little clue as to which way we should be going

Are there paths that you great Yig could be showing?

For we have no intention of slowing

Beyond our world, beyond even space

We know you dwell in that most holy place

Please take pity on this simple race

So that we may one day see your true face

Learn more about how Heroes us Mystic archetypes here!