Coils of Yig… First post

This is a Yig based Speculative Fiction Tale. Think of it as a best case scenario.

Yig double helix

Alexander Bonerell sat on the side patio of his favorite new pub, Hops on Birch. A beer logo stamped umbrella stretched over the table, but he leaned back on his chair letting the struggling February sun attempt to warm his face. Taking a deep breath, he willed himself to relax and tried to forget his stress filled day.
It didn’t work.
He hoped a sip of IPA would help, but figured it would take another three pints to make a dent in his concerns.
Two small brown birds landed, snatched up the crumbs of a sandwich and flew off. For some reason they reminded him of the freedom his life lacked.
He had never wanted to live like this. As a youth he’d imagined himself walking across America or building his own log cabin in Alaska. Never would he have seen himself roped into some middle management job, with a wife and two kids, and a third on the way.
He loved his family, but didn’t really love his life.
Zane’s voice brought him back to the present and he didn’t mind the distraction. “So, I was hoping we could find some time to edit that You-tube vid we shot at Two Guns next week. Silent Kong says he can make it over to Sack’s house Monday.”
“That might work for me,” he said, trying to keep his frustration out of his voice. “But the evil gnome is getting wise to me leaving early and my lady is certainly wise to me coming home late.”
“Must be fun living with your balls in a vice.”
Alex watched a couple of college students stroll by. They looked like they had their whole lives in front of them and knew it. They could screw anyone they liked and then take off for a two week vacation if the urge hit them.
He felt like hitting them.
“The vice must not be too tight or I wouldn’t have another kid on the way,” he said, while placing his sunglasses back onto his face.
“Yeah, don’t remind me. Good luck trying to get you out for another shoot in the next five years and we need you. You have a natural talent. You’re just funny.”
“Yeah, but looks aren’t everything.”
“Right, hey I got my mobile wifi with me. Can you help me promote the last vid before you go? I’ll buy you another beer.”
Best deal I’ve heard today,” he said. After taking another sip of ale, he opened his laptop and let it warm up.

Without looking up from his laptop, Zane said, “Damn, have you seen this thing about the comet? It’s all over the web. It came from no where and they say it has a tail the size of the moon or something.”
“No, I guess not. We can’t afford TV, remember.”
“Good times. Well, you should check it out. It’s pretty cool. They’re calling it the Serpentine because of its huge tail that seems to move almost like its swimming.”
“Swimming huh? Maybe they should call it the Sperm Wagon. It’s probably here to impregnate the Earth.”
“I think if it hit the Earth we’d all be toast,” Zane said.
“Well, I guess that would be one way to get my creditors off my back.”

* * *

The wind tore at him, but it only made he take the speed of the motorcycle up another ten miles an hour. He chuckled to himself as he passed an ambulance on I-40. Hope no one in there needed to get somewhere quickly.

Motorcycle Dark
Marco tended to avoid speed limits and today proved no exception.

He also tended to get into trouble more than once in a while and today proved no exception.
He cursed when red and blue flashing lights appeared in his side mirror.
“Son of a bitch.”
After considering trying to run, he thought better of the idea and began to slow his bike. He had taken it down to forty when his handlebars began to shake.
“What the hell,” he said aloud, thinking something must be going wrong with his bike, but then he saw all the cars around him going crazy.
Two cars collided in front of him and forced him to pull into the breakdown lane to keep from smashing into him.
Figuring that would prove more than enough to keep the cop busy, he chuckled to himself and speed on past the pile up.
Best earthquake of my life, he thought to himself as he left the breaking cars behind him and sped home.

Yig Hero in Print and Scales.


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