Yig’s Animals

I wish to one with the Forest

and feel the Animals scampering over Us


On the Earth, in the air or Sea

The Woods always Beckon to Me

Yig Allfather, Feathered serpent, Snake

We fight for the Earth for its own Sake

Creatures of the Earth Deserve their Life

Followers of Yig, pledge to protect them from Strife


Animals also Surround me at Home

Please bless these as well for hard to them is impossible to Condone

All animals we wish to save and Protect

All things from Whales to the smallest Insect

They are our friends and love us in their own Way

Fight for animal freedom, each and every Day

For who are we to claim to be Above

When they put forth such primal Love


We were born with a Purpose

Save the world and protect the Forest

Animals need not be Alone

There are protected by heroes like Alex Bone

Environments crash and things are Hard

But need to save both the wilderness and our own back Yard

Thoughtless Humans we will be no Longer

We continue to fight, helping the world grow Stronger

Yig Triumphant

Get more action from the Heroes of Yig Here

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